From inside the Sardinia, the fresh regularity of remarriage would be partly said by the ladies‘ put from the island’s personal and you will economic lives

From inside the Sardinia, the fresh regularity of remarriage would be partly said by the ladies‘ put from the island’s personal and you will economic lives

1H istorical data to your widowhood and you will remarriage from inside the Italy try fragmentary, and historical demographers has actually tended to work on death and fertility unlike matrimony. But really widowhood and you can reics that will be influenced by the new personal formations as well as the respective ranks men and women in the society. Starting using this observation, Stanislao Mazzoni , Marco Breschi , Massimo Esposito and you will Lucia Pozzi evaluate the Sardinian ics away from widow and you may widower remarriage particularly. By way of intricate investigation of your own parish and you will municipal information of your town of Alghero, the fresh experts restructure matrimony manner in the last half of one’s nineteenth century together with first quarter of your own twentieth-century, simultaneously when subscription regarding marriages try interrupted from the race ranging from Chapel and you can county. Having fun with a micro-individual, longitudinal approach, brand new authors let you know the main characteristics of remarriage with the island.

2The isle regarding Sardinia represents a particularly interesting web site towards examination of relationships behavior due to the fact feminine played a really important part from inside the Sardinian area in comparison to almost every other Italian nations. Female was in fact the new reference point for the entire nearest and dearest, and since of their crucial and you may recognized character, these were have a tendency to included in the genetics program (Da Re also, 1990; Murru Corriga, 1990; Oppo, 1990, 1993).

Aforementioned is a close completely unexplored trend on island, plus the whole away from south Italy

3The area society is characterized by yet another relationship program to help you you to definitely found in extremely parts of Italy. Around the Highest Old, wedding to the isle try recognized on the neighborhood assets regimen (Di Tucci, 1928). Wedding is actually identified as Sardinian (a beneficial sa sardisca), for example the fresh Sardinian method, rather than Pisan matrimony (a beneficial sa pisanisca), the common technique for the new Tuscan area additionally the remainder of Italy. The brand new couple’s shared property have been made right up not merely of topic something that they had for each and every brought to the new entales but also by everything that the happy couple managed to gather immediately after wedding, that has been entitled comporus.

4Both form of possessions was indeed usually thought to be the home away from the couple and you will was basically split similarly between your college students (such as the women) and also the widowed companion in the course of series (Miscali, 2008). After Italian unification, along with the introduction of the newest Civil Password (1865), there gelin Д°ngiliz have been zero great change towards Sardinian general image nor to matrimonial lifestyle. The majority of Sardinian partners acknowledged an effective secular community and so they then followed the latest algorithm:

6Given new peculiarities and variations you to distinguish Sardinia throughout the rest of the nation, this place is short for an appealing form with the study of nuptial dynamics, specifically away from remarriage, inside the historical framework.

7This research centers on the community regarding Alghero, a town to your north-west coast regarding Sardinia, about many years adopting the federal unification till the earliest age out-of the twentieth-century. We follow a good longitudinal means considering a complicated personal dataset through the combination out-of municipal and you may spiritual present. All of our prominent aim is to try to select the fresh socio-market qualities off widows and you will widowers and observe closely hence personal and contextual characteristics led them to reconstruct their own families once losing its first partner.

Away from gothic moments, women generally grabbed a working part within the family members decisions, such as the handling of financial info, and in addition they handled relationships amongst the members of the family and people

8In the initial part of this informative article i temporarily talk about the dominant findings of the literary works on remarriage when you look at the Italy and you can define a number of the specificities of Sardinian marriage model about past. Next section gift suggestions the city of Alghero and also the supplies found in this study. Regarding the latest part, the results of a few analytical model is actually talked about.

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