In next 24 months, Annie enters the regal financing several times to complete browse for the brand new Warriors

In next 24 months, Annie enters the regal financing several times to complete browse for the brand new Warriors

She discovers one to Queen Fritz is merely a figurehead hence she, Reiner, and you will Bertolt still need to get the correct royal nearest and dearest. Reiner decides that they will become troops and join the new Army Cops. [58]

104th Degree Corps arc

Up on signing up for the newest 104th Training Corps, Annie is amongst the pair students to not ever undergo Keith Shadis’s „rite of passageway,“ because her face proves you to definitely she currently could have been as a result of heck, predicated on other teacher. [59] If you are undercover, Annie exhaustingly managed most of the obligation of their goal [60] and you will discovered that the new Church of Walls are monitoring other trainee Krista Lenz. [61]

At some point throughout their hands-to-hand handle training, Annie is trapped creeping out from the Reiner; Annie ignores Reiner until he subtly hints on the scuffle following Marcel’s demise. [62] He asks Eren Yeager to help you face Annie with a wood dagger, and you will she effortlessly defeats and you may disarms him. She following provides Eren’s knife so you can Reiner and informs your they was his turn to deal with her, defeating him eventually as he tries. Eren praises Annie on her techniques; and though she demonstrates it had been the girl dad who taught this lady brand new flow, once the Eren reveals appeal, she dismisses the idea. She proclaims such as education to-be inadequate and you will goes on mocking the fresh new whole army system, even and the woman dad’s ideals. Annie afterwards observe due to the fact Eren uses the woman move to pacify Jean Kirstein. She after that conveys demand for practise Eren the way to perform it. [63]

Almost five years into their mission, Annie discusses the fresh whereabouts of one’s Founding Titan in just one of new sites de rencontres gratuits pour les mst alludes to at night and you will finds Kenny Ackerman. Hoping he’s going to lead the lady towards genuine queen of one’s Walls, Annie decides to follow him. When Kenny learns and you can face the lady about this, Annie tries to deceive your by telling him that she is their enough time-shed child. Unproductive inside joking your, Annie attacks Kenny and flees towards the sewers. [64]

The next evening, Annie takes part in an interviewing Reiner and you may Bertolt. She says to Reiner that Kenny have viewed her face and you to she’s going to not be able to do anything on the Interior MPs in the event that he or she is there. She once more indicates time for Marley in doing what it features gathered so far, but Reiner claims that Marley are not satisfied with the progress shortly after 5 years. Reiner chooses to wreck Wall structure Flower in order to hasten the objective and cigarette the actual Queen on the resource when you’re a mess would ensue within the Trost Region. Annie notes you to their bundle commonly destroy a good amount of his the latest members of the family about 104th Education Corps, however, Reiner reactions so you can her that they’re maybe not loved ones and you can are merely Eldian devils. [65] Annie continues the woman education up until she effortlessly students within review from four. [3]

Battle regarding Trost District arc

Shortly after graduation, the brand new Colossus Titan seems on Trost District and you may breaks courtesy the latest outer door, enabling Titans into urban area. Despite the evacuation are done, new students are unable to return due to not enough gas, much in order to every person’s despair.

In this instance, Annie is actually suddenly approached because of the Mikasa, in search of Eren. She’s after that shocked to hear that he, together with a lot of their squad, was indeed purportedly murdered within the battle. Trying to continue this lady chill, Mikasa attempts to amaze everyone to your action, with Annie together with anybody else race immediately following the woman to arrive the new Hq and you will replenish their fuel. [66] It eventually have the ability to arrive, albeit that have casualties. [67]

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