The ladies was charming ma-sha-Allah and even though many of them do not wear hijab, particular create

The ladies was charming ma-sha-Allah and even though many of them do not wear hijab, particular create

Precious Siblings away from Islam I am rk008 who is thirty-two years of age and you may going to be 33 in 2 weeks big date. I work with a store and i am and an effective part-time star this is when try my story.

Some one within my place of work got married so you’re able to good Muslim girl regarding Poultry. He demonstrated united states the picture and also to my amazement she are a good looking girl having long black hair, reasonable pale body and a beneficial shape. After he came back out of their honeymoon he knew which i is an individual man who has been waiting around for the best woman to come towards the my life and he mentioned that why you should never I get an excellent Muslim lady regarding a good Eastern European country?


It got me personally convinced that to have 33 years I have never I recite never possess slept which have people lady with this environment. It really proves one to my personal Believe is good and you may genuine and i also usually caught by it. But in my personal brain and you may my personal center I usually remember him once the an effective man which performed a great deal to the neighborhood as well as his members of the family.

Now I have been learning the headlines or other mans reports throughout the such good-looking ladies who focus on their fatih also to their loved ones, it even claims they are in contrast to west women who live separate existence and you may wed guys for money. It states they are dedicated, real on their term and they have started increased inside a genuine means and get pleased with the person which it create share the very existence that have.

But my personal top priority is can they become trusted? If the these types of stories try correct regarding the these types of stunning women then i would like to go after my personal identify you to definitely in case maybe not it works out I am able to need certainly to wait a tiny prolonged for the right individual become.

Are you willing to delight assist me when i wish to know to own the right explanations that what i in the morning planning to perform will change my entire life forever.

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Ha ha. I am laughing perhaps not because I think your role try funny, but just like the i guys are all of the equivalent. I’ve had equivalent view as you. I mean very, why don’t you? You will want to visit Eastern Europe and find a beautiful younger Muslim wife who’s spiritual and dedicated and you can was pleased to be taken off poverty and you will given solutions in the West? Better, in fact I can’t think about any excuse why don’t you. And i also thought I just you’ll do it, Insha’Allah. In reality I was evaluating a great matrimonial web site, and there are a couple of Eastern Europe such as Bulgaria, Russia and you will Ukraine that have high Nigerian naishenkilГ¶itГ¤ Muslim populations.

And additionally there’s Bosnia, Kosovo, Albania and you may Poultry, which can be most Muslim countries. After which discover the new Main Far eastern republics of Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan, and Uzbekistan. This type of ladies are tough gurus, and tend to be diligent people accustomed endeavor. I’ll talk about the drawback into the another, however, basic I want to commend you sibling to own keeping your purity throughout the all this time. That’s most great ma-sha-Allah. And now it is the right time to meet your life along with your deen and get a wife. So far as getting a partner of East European countries or specific most other country, here are some things to consider and be wary of: 1. New Muslim communities regarding regions for example Russia, Ukraine, new Baltic republics, the latest Central Far eastern republics, Bulgaria, Albania, Kosovo, Bosnia, etcetera, lived for a long time lower than rigid communist signal.

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