Everyone is tryna find out who Love and Zac are

Everyone is tryna find out who Love and Zac are

Vee is so done and leaves, as she should, I loved how she texted him and told him she saw Lacey and him making out

So I’m supposed to believe that Xav feels things for L but he doesn’t even question that Lacey is L. He even fucked her, HE KNOWS SHE DOESNT HAVE A BLOODY TATTOO ON HER SHOULDER. So he’s running around looking for L like a dumbass. To make matters worse, we find out he was ACTIVELY SLEEPING with Brie even though he has no respect for her. So I’m supposed to believe that all this relationship development between him and Vee and him and L is real when he doesn’t hesitate to fuck his ex.

So he’s sitting in the garage feeling sorry for himself and Vee sees him. Rather than leaving, she sits with him and the word “Dork” slips out, which is one of her nicknames for him. Then her mom calls and confirms Vee’s identity, her mom was being an asshole. Xav checks her shoulder and he knows for a fact it’s her. Vee admits it and confronts him about sleeping with Brie and his explanation sucked ass, he slept with her weeks ago, which is still during the time period he was developing feelings for Vee/L. And he says he was doing it to convince himself he didn’t feel for Vee. Him fucking Brie while talking to Vee annoyed the hell outta me, even if they weren’t official. They make out while Lacey was still in Xav’s mouth since he made out with her minutes ago. His explanation for that was that he just kissed whoever came into the room like an idiot.

You would think everything would be chill after Xav and Vee finally get together but nah. Someone found their confessions and printed them for everyone to read. I don’t know how this happened since they kept the confession sticky notes but whatever. All of Xav’s friends were making fun of Xav and Vee without realizing it. Vee stays home for two days and Dia and Xav text her but she doesn’t answer. Stupid Brie posts that she thinks it’s Vee and a lot of people believed it was Vee who was Love. Here’s the thing, Xav convinces Vee to come back to school since they’re in it together and he is willing to deal kissbrides.com navigate to the site with shit since his mom is the principal. But he doesn’t stick through with this promise.

Xav and Vee are in his trunk bed staring at the sky in some parking lot. Vee is scared to be vulnerable with Xav since she feels things for him so when he confesses his love for her, she runs away and slaps him once he catches her. Since these words mean a lot to her and she doesn’t wanna be another fuck he can add onto his list. He convinces her that he loves her and they have sex but guess what? Homeboy abandons her the next day, he literally fucking ghosts her like she feared. And to make matters worse, HE IS BACK WITH FUCKING BRIE.

While this is happening, everyone is bullying and harassing Vee because they believe she is Love

What pissed me off is Xav COULD’VE TEXTED Vee and told her what happened. He literally leaves her hanging, she’s texting him and asking him what’s going on but he ignores her. Brie is posting coupley shit on her Instagram with Xav. While Vee is getting pushed around in the hallways, Xav just watches her with puppy eyes while feeling sorry for himself. What the actual fuck? Dia was so sweet and was there for Vee. They go to a party to confront Xav and he treats Vee like shit. How could I root for this guy when he’s acting like this? He said he meant he loved her until he pulled out. He deserved the slap he got. He said he put his confession in the poetry book but it said “Dear Love, I Hate You,” meaning “Dear Vee, I love you,” but fuck that. Axel knew that Logan fucked Vee and confronted her. I loved how Dia stood up to him and stayed with Vee cuz she needed her. Vee kneed Axel and I loved it. And all Xav did was fucking watch, what a pathetic asshole.

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