Para-kin relationships between fans and you will idols: a beneficial qualitative data off admirers’ motives for purchasing idol-dolls

Para-kin relationships between fans and you will idols: a beneficial qualitative data off admirers’ motives for purchasing idol-dolls


The reason for this study is always to see how “mom fans” influence on the current activities of parasocial matchmaking anywhere between admirers and you may idols and also to obtain greater wisdom for the motivations fundamental the acquisition of idol dolls. On the other hand, by the like the experiences and you may viewpoints of male idol admirers, the analysis aims so you’re able to increase the newest knowledge of partner behavior and you can enhance understanding of the brand new reasons driving idol-toy use.


Delivering idol-toy buyers because lookup things, this research presented textual data and in-depth interview to explore fans‘ reasons for buying idol dolls.


Idol toy sales are driven of the mental connection, such as for instance certainly one of mom admirers which attempt to expose a sense of manage and sustain a parent–child relationship. In addition, purchasing idol dolls also can act as an excellent disguise having girlfriend admirers to hide its romantic dreams about their idols. Additionally, idol dolls serve as semiotic identifiers, drawing for example-oriented fans and you may wearing area identification. It should be listed you to men idol admirers, who are thought deviant from the masculine normative, deal with analysis when you look at the feminine-ruled teams, trying to find subsequent proof of authenticity.

Practical ramifications

This study promotes knowing the reasons at the rear of idol-doll sales and certainly will let marketers within the providing to your mental demands regarding fans, particularly mother admirers, of the creating and you can sale dolls one resonate employing wished experience off attachment.

Societal implications

From the taking and focusing on the good aspects of enthusiast points, this study causes this new lingering procedure of de–demonization and you will normalization out-of fandom. Concurrently, this research including tries so you can contribute to a comprehensive insights of one’s fight and you can emotional means of one’s Chinese young age bracket.


This study examines brand new under-researched mommy-lover group’s emotional need in addition to their reasons of getting idol-dolls. What’s more, it understands the newest distinctive line of viewpoints and you may enjoy off male idol fans, providing a new and you can book viewpoint towards idol-toy application.

step 1 Introduction

“ tabindex=“0″> based on celebrities‘ styles was basically marketed once the an alternate means to have Chinese fans to share its solid passion because of their precious idols, resulting in the manufacture of an alternative Chinese fandom people. With the Weibo (probably one of the most well-known social network networks into the Asia), the internet neighborhood to have idol-doll-creators, buyers, and you can idol admirers is now offering amassed more than 460,000 supporters and that’s very feminine-ruled. With this system, extremely common enthusiasts, who has got a vast collection of idol dolls, to publish lovable images and show their skills during the putting on a costume and implementing make-up on the “infants.” According to latest user report, among the many idol-toy people, the fresh article-2000 age bracket means the best proportion, reaching 43 %, with the new post-1995 generation positions 2nd, that have a proportion on twenty-six % (“2021 Cotton fiber Doll Players Belief Report” 2021). Therefore, Generation Z, some one, some body created involving the later 1990’s additionally the early 2010s (Priporas et al. 2020), definitely engages with idol-toy purchases through entertaining social networking networks.

Throughout the time out-of participatory fandom and you can lover savings, fans‘ practices choices in addition to their sensed relationship with idols are particularly victims off informative look. Ways fans relate with celebs has been recognized as parasocial interaction-the fresh new nonreciprocal, imaginary telecommunications ranging from admirers and you may news personae (Liebers and you will Schramm 2019; Yan and you can Yang 2021). In recent years, fans positively stepping into the latest parasocial matchmaking dream on a close kinship with idols, provided they might control, or at least has an evident amount of effect on its idols. Towards Chinese social network, there is certainly a development where admirers, specifically ladies, make reference to themselves because the idols‘ parents, aunts, otherwise sisters. When you are past research has commonly tested parasocial relationships considering heterosexual norms and you can fans‘ intimate aspirations regarding idols (i.e., “girlfriend/wife admirers” regarding idols), absolutely nothing might have been known regarding the “mommy admirers”,“Mommy admirers,” reference fans (usually women admirers) who’re co-fostering idols/celebs since their senior feminine household members. They say on their own given that mother of the idol and they are indulgent in order to idols, bringing them once the precious, innocent kids who are in need of the special care (Yan and you can Yang 2021).

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